Updated portfolio

Took some time out today to update my portfolio (finally). One of those things that just get pushed out of the schedule when week after week is completely overbooked :)

I’m not complaining though! Turns out I did quite a few music videos the past year, as well as a few commercials. Still more commercials rolling out in the near future, and several very exciting drama productions still in post! Really look forward to screening all of it.


"We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are."
Worried DIT :)
Calm morning again after a month of travelling and hard work
Rehearsing dialogue before another day on the set
Final prep work on a short drama featuring the aurora borealis. Yeah, we’re drinking the local northern lights beer :)
Our crew burying a phono booth in the open landscape for our shoot this week. The wind and the snow will take care of the rest.
Commercial shoot before Christmas